Jon Urruxulegi

2019-12-05, BERRIA.


The author Jon Urruxulegi highlights in this article the violence Spain has always enforced on the Basques: Spain, or Castile during the period, suppressed our original national state in the 16th century. It destroyed our chartered regime in 1839, imposing for the first time the Spanish constitution in the peninsular Basque Country. It destroyed by force our first autonomous government in 1939, condemning thousands of Basque to die or flee for their lives to exile.

Madrid has never intended to persuade us, instead opting to subjugate us or, even worse, annihilate us.

Spain is a failed state falling back on a number of dictatorial regimes during the last two centuries. It has showed a metaphysical inability to understand and respect nations in the Iberian Peninsula other than the Castilian.