Pako Sudupe

22-09-2020, ZUZEU.


In this article the writer Pako Sudupe gives us a summary review of the latest book by Carles Puigdemont (“La lluita a l’exili”). To begin with, Sudupe mentions Puigdemont’s regret at not having proclaimed independence on October 10, 2017, after the successful popular participation in the self-determination referendum on October 1.

The defence of the Catalan language led Puigdemont to politics. He escaped into exile to avoid Spanish repression and this has allowed him to explain and defend the independence cause in various European fora. He successfully coped with three European arrest warrants and won the right to be able to move freely in Europe.

In the elections to the European Parliament in 2019 in Catalonia his candidacy achieved great success and he was elected an MEP. His relations with Oriol Junqueras (imprisoned Catalan independence leader) and with the other great Catalan independence party, ERC, however, have suffered an obvious erosion in recent times, and this considerably weakens the Catalan independence movement.