The participants in the discussion group NAZIOGINTZA share a common concern for the informative blackout we are going through on all nation building matters, as well as and the challenge Basque nationalism needs to address in the face of Basque nation building. We are determined to fill these gaps, for which we have opened our way through a new path, we have launched the project NAZIOGINTZA. NAZIOGINTZA is a group devoted to taking the necessary steps to underpin the Basque Country’s nationhood, as well as advancing towards a Basque state. Not only will this web page eco that demand, but it will also provide the platform to voice proposals bridging nation and state.

We bring together independence advocacy and nationalism, so we are determined to address a pro-independence stance from nationalist standpoint, and vice-versa, nationalism from a pro-independence point of view. In the same way as we dispute a pro-devolution nationalist approach, we also rule out a pro-independence advocacy devoid of Basque identity. Nation and State, both are compelling to the Basque Country, so NAZIOGINTZA will provide ample room for both.

NAZIOGINTZA intends to spread national awareness, but it also seeks to raise debate on Basque nationalism. We need to bolster the foundations of our identity, with special attention to language and culture, in the face of the globalizing tide, if we are ever to survive as a people. Besides operating as a discussion group, NAZIOGINTZA has been established with a view to supporting a wide popular movement, for which we call all Basques sharing our project to join our group. You only need to fill out the form provided on this web page and submit it to us.

We believe in peoples’ Europe. We are of course pro-Europe, but in our opinion the European political structure does not need to be state based, as it is presently, but relying on peoples or nations. Therefore, NAZIOGINTZA will hold a special slot for the latest news affecting the nations in our geopolitical context. Our group will in turn provide an outlet for the peoples of Europe who cannot express themselves through mainstream media. We plan to create a contact network with European nations like ours, such as Catalonia, Scotland, Wales, Flanders, Corsica, Galicia, Brittany, South Tyrol, or Frisland, encouraging mutual understanding and cooperation, on the grounds that we all share similar goals.

We are taking off, we have a long way to go to reach our destination, and we intend to share our journey with you, dear reader, so that the Basque Country remains the Basque Country in the future; so that it secures a state necessary to its survival; so that language, culture, identity and collective personality are kept in place; so that it can continue to integrate the league of living and free peoples.