Karlos Gorrindo

04-10-2021, GARA.


Research conducted by the University of Deusto reveals that the youth of the Basque Country are not familiar with the so-called Basque conflict.

The author of this article laments that our youth not only lacks insight on the contemporary Basque conflict but are not either acquainted with other events and conflicts taking place in the history of the Basque Country.

Karlos Gorrindo reminds us that the organization ETA rose in arms in quest of independence, and that the rebels of the two Carlist wars developed in the Basque context struggled for self-determination.

He also cites that the Spanish violently occupied Navarre and that previously they also conquered by arms the west of the Basque Country. Our youth do not know much about these historic conflicts.

Provision of general information on the past of the Basque Country would no doubt raise their awareness. And the established education system cannot accept that.