Dear reader, welcome to NAZIOGINTZA’s website!


It is an independentist group that puts Basque Language and Basque culture at the centre of its activity. We believe that Basque is the backbone of our Nation. Therefore, to be consistent, we give Basque the importance it deserves. Our Nation is the People of Euskera. Accordingly, we see the universe that surrounds us through and from the Basque language, and for those places we cannot reach through Basque, we use English as the language of international communication.

Why did we undertake this initiative?

To fill, from an abertzale (nationalist) perspective, a vast ideological vacuum that exists in the political and cultural ambit of the Basque Country; a space that is not filled by political parties or popular movements: taking Basque as a base, and beyond ethnic considerations, working in the field of national construction and state construction. Why these two areas? Because we do not want a Nation without a State, but neither a State without a Nation. And because we firmly believe that the Basque Country needs both.

The current situation of the Basque Country requires the advancement of a national consciousness that we do not see today. Therefore, our goal is to promote a national consciousness in association with Basque. In summary, a reinforcement of the characteristics that make us Nation. And together with that, the other pillar of our activity is to socialise the arguments in favour of a Basque state is. In short, our challenge is to work at independence from a Basque patriotic perspective.

The natural geopolitical framework of the Basque Country is Europe. Therefore, when working on national and state construction, we take into account the European situation; we analyse the situation of other stateless European nations like ours and, in that ambit, we maintain relations with representatives of movements of those sister nations. On our website the reader will find information on the stateless nations of Europe (