Imperialism is the greatest of political evils and has generated the greatest crimes in the history of mankind, says the autor of this article.

For more than 5.000 years, in the five continents and using the most varied excuses (religion, homeland, justice and even democracy) imperialism has justified its crimes, its outrages and atrocities without shame, causing wars with milions of dead, in addition to veritable genocides and ethnocides.

To avoid the dire consequences of imperialism, the United Nations established the principle of Self-Determination of the Peoples. Imperialism is based on the domination, by force, of one People or State over another. It is generally imposed by a military conquest, followed by a phase of domination in which the dominant imposes on the dominated a colonisation that seeks the destruction of their language and culture, their institutions and their identity. Its total assimilation, in short.

The UN resolution of 1966 is clear, and refers in these terms to the Self-Determination of the Peoples: “All Peoples have the right to self-determination. By virtue of this right they freely establish their political status and also provide for their economic, social and cultural development“. That is, all Peoples have the right to their political, economic, social and cultural sovereignty. They are the national rights consecrated by the UN.

In the opinion of Mikel Urkola, this principle of the UN, compliance which is mandatory for all its member states, grants the Basque People the ability to self-govern freely in these four areas:political, economic, social and cultural, without any submission to Spanish imperialism. For the conflict between Euskal Herria and Spain is not a territorial conflict, as the Spanish imperialists maintain, but a colonial conflict, which has to be resolved through the self-government of the Basque Nation, that is, its self-determination and its sovereignty.