Dear reader, welcome to NAZIOGINTZA’s website!

Let us introduce our pursuit and ourselves. NAZIOGINTZA emerges to fill the political void existing in our opinion across the Basque Country. Political parties and popular movements alike fail to address the gulf dividing nation building and state building.

Our organization is based on five principles:

  1. Nation building and state building constitute the pillars of our mission. We do not aspire to a state without a nation, or a nation without a state. We assume that the existence of the Basque Country relies on both.
  2. We assert that Basque is the basis of our Nation. Therefore, in keeping with our tenets, our organization assigns the importance it deserves to the Basque language. Our Nation is the Basque Language People.
  3. We do not hold organic ties with any political parties or any other popular movements. We are a stand-alone movement and do not represent anyone but ourselves.
  4. Our main goal is to spread national awareness, and bolster the features that make us a Basque nation, as well as making the case for a Basque state. We commit ourselves to working for independence from a Basque nationalist standpoint.
  5. In order to pave the grounds for nation and state building, we intend to study the situation of stateless nations like ours, and establish close ties with those sister nations.