Karmelo Landa

01-02-2023, GARA.


In this article Karmelo Landa replies to a previous article by Julen Zabalo. In his previous article, Julen Zabalo proposed that in order to achieve a state of our own we would have to change the way we understand the Basque nation, and reduce the importance we give to the basic factors that make us a nation (language and collective personality, for example). Instead, Zabalo suggested developing the discourse of instrumental values (basing pro-independence adhesion on the discourse of “living better”).

In his reply, Karmelo Landa reminds Zabalo that the two states (France and Spain) that want to assimilate the Basque Country have not changed the way they understand their nation, and that they continue to impose on us, for example, their language. Landa, contrary to Zabalo, proposes that the Basque nation must defend and strengthen its identity elements to protect itself from the attacks of these two states. And it must do so through a new process of national building.