Argazkia: OK Diario

    Promotion of national awareness and demand for the right to self-determination. These are the main goals of VIA GALEGA, the new Galician popular movement presented in public on 3 March in Santiago de Compostela.

    That national platform is born to “defend the national rights of Galicia”, and voice the necessity for the right to self-determination. The new platform counts of on the support of 40 organizations advocating for sovereignty, such as Confederación Intersindical Galega (CIG), the main union in Galicia. No political party is among the founders. VIA GALEGA does not hide its admiration for the Catalan ANC, but it is adamant that the Galicia circumstances are not equal to those of Catalonia, and advocate for their own path.

    According to VIA GALEGA, sovereignty is the best way forward to tackle serious social issues like youth emigration, unemployment, or cuts to public services. The autonomous framework is a liability in the face of the present-day “national crisis” shaking Galicia, besides preventing the promotion of the native language, culture and economy. In addition, the new national platform denounces the colonial status of Galicia.

    The party official Francisco Jorquera is positive that the current deep territorial crisis of Spain is in for political fallout, so he holds that Galicia should take good notice in order to grab the new opportunities, side by side with Catalonia and the peninsular Basque Country.

    NAZIOGINTZA would like to welcome that new popular pro-sovereignty movement, and wish them all the best. In the face of a tendency to euphemisms, the straightforward discourse showed by VIA GALEGA is most welcome, standing up for the right to self-determination and nationality. The Galician nation has now kicked off.