Argazkia: DEIA


This article condemns the fact that the only news program produced by Spanish Public Television (RTVE) for the Western Basque Country (TELENORTE) is broadcast almost entirely in the Spanish language, with only 6% of its content in Basque.

TELENORTE totally marginalises the Basque language in its programming. And it is curious that the television company broadcasting it, Televisión Española (RTVE) does not follow the same linguistic criteria in other territories of the Spanish state: for example, in Catalonia and Galicia, local programs on Spanish television are broadcast entirely in Catalan and Galician. However, in the Western Basque Country, the program is almost entirely in Spanish.

It is regrettable that the Basque Government consents to this absolute disregard for our language and does not demand from Spanish Television a greater presence of Basque in TELENORTE content.


NOTE: The Basque Country has its own television service, EUSKAL TELEBISTA. There are 4 channels, of which two are entirely in Basque. The TELENORTE program is a regional program on Spanish Television and has no connection with EUSKAL TELEBISTA.