Jexuxmari Zalakain

30-03-2022, BERRIA.


Following the invasion of Ukraine, the author of the article highlights that imperialism lies at the root of many conflicts across the world, with the self-determination right being the best recipe to prevent them.

Russia does not respect the fact that Ukraine implemented its self-determination right, deciding to turn into an independent country. By contrast, Ukraine itself refuses to acknowledge that very right to the inhabitants of Donbas, who happen to identify with Russia to a large extent.

Most of European states, with Spain and France standing among them, do also stop their nations from freely deciding on their own political future. Actually, there is virtually no state acknowledging the self-determination right.

According to Zalakain, a People confronted with an invasion is fully entitled to fend off the intruders. While pacifism is desirable, it becomes useless when confronted with a violent attack. It is worth remembering that a genuine peace can only be a fair peace. Else, it may entail accepting oppression and giving in to the power of the mighty.