Argazkia: El Mundo


Spanish election is near, so in this EDITORIAL we seize the opportunity to make clear our position in this respect. We do so because different sections of our nation show divergent views on the position Basque nationalist parties should take in the face of the Spanish elections; some nationalists are not happy with the idea of participating in the Spanish parliament, a foreign venue. They hold that attending the parliament of Madrid would whitewash the Spanish imperialist regime, which denies our right for self-determination.

It would not be the first time NAZIOGINTZA criticizes the lack of impetus shown by Basque nationalist parties to stand up for our national rights. Despite our criticism, our group has always supported the systemic character of our politics, and the need to make a presence in all fields of the political arena. Therefore, we think that Basque nationalist parties need to participate in all avenues, movements and contexts providing the opportunity to defend the Basque Country.

Furthermore, we consider that Basque nationalist parties should conclude strong alliances with pro-sovereignty parties from other nations, like Catalonia, or Galicia, since they are our best allies, and not the Spanish leftist parties, such as Podemos, with a dubious position on the right for self-determination.