Argazkia: Naziogintza

Our group NAZIOGINTZA has two areas of action: nation-building, in which we seek to strengthen the national personality of our People and to extend national awareness  among its citizens, taking our own language as the axis; and state-building, since we have been working towards achieving the independent Basque Republic since our group was created.

And related to this second factor, precisely, we organized last May 7, 2022 the Basque Republic Day (Euskal Errepublikaren Eguna) in Azpeitia (Gipuzkoa). And we did it with two goals. On the one hand, to publicize a historical event quite unknown among us: that in April 1931 the City Council of Azpeitia and many other Basque municipalities claimed, through a historic motion, the Basque Republic. And on the other hand, to make it clear that 91 years later that claim is fully in force, as there are many Basques who want a Basque Republic for our nation. As we say in our language: Katea ez da eten (the generational chain has not been broken).

About 200 people gathered in Azpeitia to celebrate the Basque Republic Day. The event began with a rally and a festive and vindictive demonstration. Afterwards, in the Sanagustin cultural center, and presented by Xabier Euzkitze, the event continued, with bertsolaris , dantzaris and a musical choir. A text by the Navarrese historian Xabier Irujo and a speech by NAZIOGINTZA gave the event political content. It should be noted that mayors and councilors of some Basque towns that in April 1931 demanded the Basque Republic, accepted our invitation and came to Azpeitia to celebrate with us that special day.

Here is the coverage (in Basque language) by some Basque media of our event:

BERRIA Newspaper:

NAIZ Digital newspaper:

UZTARRIA Digital newspaper:

We have also included the text of the historian Xabier Irujo (in Basque language):


Photo report: